Al-Noor Agro & Farm Products Pvt. Ltd

Pure Indian Country Chickens Hatching Eggs(Al-Noor 100)

The Deshi hatching egg's quality egg which has the weight of 40 - 45 grams, which has the hatchability of 80% and above result. Birds specification:This breed of pure Indian country chicken is grown under natural condition and not in poultry farm. Their remains no confusion hence we have given a specific name to this breed AL-NOOR 100 distinguishing it other colour birds available in market. In just 80-90 days AL-NOOR 100 birds grow by 1100-1200 grams by this period of time they consume 3.500 grams Layer grower feed. The cost of production on each bird is Rs. 80-85/-.


Price : Approx. Rs 5 / Kg