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Poultry Feed

Enriched with all the essential vitamins & dietary minerals, our Poultry Feed is used by farmers to meet the nutritional requirements of chicken, geese, duck and various other domestic birds. We are supported by a team of experts, which ensures the Poultry Feed is hygienically processed using high-quality manures and natural ingredients in compliance with the laid industry norms. From India, we are a reputed Manufacturer & Supplier of Poultry Feed.


Description : With support from our talented team of professionals, we are able to offer a premium quality concentrate Poultry Feeds. Enriched with essential vitamins and dietary minerals, it is widely used as a food for chickens, ducks, geese and other domestic birds. It contains all nutrients that keep the chicken healthy, hence, immensely demanded in the market. The offered feed is processed with the help of latest machinery using optimum grade manures and natural ingredients as per the set industry norms. 

Features :

  • High nutritional value 
  • Makes chicken & hen healthier 
  • Longer shelf life


We offer the following Poultry Feed Concentrates : 

  • Gold 35% Concentrate: This product is designed for the farmers to help completing the exact protein requirement of the birds. The farmers have to add only maize and Gold 35% concentrate and the feed is ready to consume by the birds. It contains all the required nutrients and medicines for the production of feed.
  • Laywell 35% Concentrate : This product is specially designed for all the layer farmers. The concentrate is rich in protein and all the required medicines for the egg laying birds. The number of eggs increase by 10-15% after the addition of Laywell 35% concentrate in poultry farms.
  • Gold 7.5% Concentrate : This product is designed for all the farmers who do not want to increase the inventory. It also makes the proper mixing of all the medicines required for broiler farming. The farmers do not have to maintain the inventory of all the medicines required for the poultry feed production. The FCR of the birds also improves after using Gold 7.5% Concentrate.
  • Gold 3% Concentrate : This product is designed only as a pure medicine concentrate. It does not contain phosphorous, calcium and proteins. Its completely a medicine premix used for the manufacture of poultry feed.


Poultry Feed : 

  • Broiler Pre Starter Mash :  This product is designed for the broiler birds for the first 10 days after hatch or 400  gms/bird whichever comes first. It contains 22.5-23% protein with energy upto 2900 kcal/kg. This makes it themost nutritious, healthy and balanced food for chicks upto the age of 10 days.
  • Broiler Starter Mash : This product is designed for the broilers from the age of 11 days till 23 days or 600gms/bird or whichever comes first. It contains 21.5-22% protein with energy upto 3100 kcal/kg. It contains non veg source of proteins which also metabolises the fat for better growth.
  • Broiler Finisher Mash : This product is designed for the broilers and it is to be given after 23 days till the time the flock is liquidated. It contains proteins upto 20% and energy upto 3400 kcal/kg. It is high in energy making the birds grow faster.
  • Seven Plus (7) Mash : This feed is specially designed for the traders for the final slaughtering time. It can be given after seven weeks of time. It does not reverse the weight of the broiler when they are stored in shops for one or two days.
  • Desi Starter Mash :  This feed is designed for the country birds and it contains the proteins and energy as required by the country/desi bird. It is given for first month to all types of coloured birds.
  • Desi Finisher Mash : This feed is designed for the country birds and it contains the proteins and energy as required by the country/desi bird. It is given after completion of 30 days till the birds are finally marketed