Al-Noor Agro & Farm Products Pvt. Ltd

Meat Cum Bone Meal

Located in Maharashtra (India), we are the noteworthy Manufacturer and Supplier of Meat Cum Bone Meal. Extensively used in poultry / animal & aqua feed, our Meat Meal is a blend of finely grounded bones. This Meat Cum Bone Meal is known for its purity, high nutritional content and longer shelf life. Talk of price; we are applauded for providing the best quality at nominal price.


Description : The company is a well-known Exporter and Supplier of Meat cum Bone Meal and meat meal in over all India. The commercially sterilized Meat cum Bone Meal and meat meal can partially replace Soya DOC for proteins and completely replace the DCP for phosphorus. Sterilized Meat cum Bone Meal and meat meal Is Well Sterilized With Highly Maintained Quality. Our M.B.M Is Produced Using Freshly Slaughtered, Disease Free And Healthy Animals. Meat and bone meal is a new and unique product launched by our company in India. Meat cum Bone meal and meat meal is a mixture of finely ground bones. It is used in poultry / animal & aqua feed. We take care of the protein content in our products and to ensure that we perform regular tests in world class laboratories. Meat cum bone meal and meat meal is available in packaging that are at par with international quality guidelines. Our company Serve Sterilized Meat cum Bone Meal and meat meal After Drying And Grinding Soft Tissues And Bone And Getting Rid Of Hairs, Wool, Hoof, Horn, Hide & Content Of Alimentary Tract.


Pure Meal :

  • No Blood Meal Added To It.
  • From Salmonella, E-coli, Clostridia, Stphyococci.


Price : Approx. Rs 37000 / Ton


Protein 44-45% Max
Moisture 8% Max
Fat 8-12% Max
Pepsin Digestibility 75-85% Max
Ash 35-40% Max
Crude Fiber (max) 4% Max
Sand Silica 1-2% Max
Calcium 10-12% Max
Stphyococci Absence
Phosphorus 3-4% Max
Total Lysine 3.5% Max
Methionine 0.65
Metabolizable Energy (K. Cal/kg) 2400-2500
Salmonella Absence
E-coli Absence
Clostridia Absence