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Gaur Meal Korma

Guar Korma Meal is obtained after processing of guar seeds. The processed Guar Korma Meal is rich in proteins and carbohydrates thus forming a goodsource of protein for cattle and poultry. The product has been extremely successful as a substitute for soya bean meal for animal feeding.

The product is widely sold in the international market as Guar Meal & have contents of Oil & Albuminoids (O & A ). The O & A contents are about 50% in germ whereas it is about 25% in husks. Being Non-GMO product, Guar Korma is heavily demanded in the Indian market as well.


Functional Advantages of Ddgs-in Dairy Cattle Diets

  • In Dairy Cattle Diets : Guar meal is rich in protein and hence it is majorly used to feed the milking animals for getting more milk and more percentage of fat in milk.
  • In Poultry Diets : Inclusion percentage of 2-3% has been receommended for guar meal korma in poultry feed. The high protein diet helps achieve excellent performance.


Price : Approx. Rs 25 / Kg


Nutritional Values Gaur Korma #1 Gaur Korma #2
Protein 45% min 49-50% min
Moisture Less Than 10% Less Than 10%
Appearance Yellowish Granules Yellowish Granules
Oil 5% - 6% 5% - 6%
Packaging 50 kg PP bags 50 kg PP bags