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Eggs Products

The company shares glorious credentials with the leading Suppliers of Eggs Products and offers the best deal. The organization is a trusted name based in Thane(India) and known for its fair pricing policy. Our ranges are Table Eggs, Deshi Eggs, etc.

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Table Eggs

Commercial Table Eggs Produced under modern Cage system, maintain hygienically with proper nutrition feeding to the birds with required minerals Calcium, phosphorous and vitamins. For producing quality eggs, Packed on Paper pulp trey, and cartoon for easy market.



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Deshi Eggs

Eggs are one of nature's most perfectly balanced foods, containing all the protein, vitamins and minerals essential for good health. Eggs have a high nutrient density because they provide significant amounts of vitamins. They are an excellent source of high quality protein. The nutritional value of an egg is divided between the egg white and


Brown Eggs

Brown Egg is Nature's most perfect package of Nutrition. It is naturally sealed, Absolutely Unadulterable. Eggs protein is of the highest quality. Eggs biological value (96) is the highest compared to any other food. Eggs contains Vitamin 'A' and carotenoids - good for eye sight; Vitamin 'D' and Calcium - good for strong teeth


Fertile Hatching Eggs (Broiler)

The hatching egg's has the weight of 58 - 65 grams, which has the hatchability of 80% and above result. The day old chicks are vaccinated as per the requirement of the buyers.

Birds specification:The parent bird for all eggs will be in the growing stage of (33- 48 Weeks), so there will not be any quality compromise in the 1st quality


Pure Indian Country Chickens Hatching Eggs(Al-Noor 100)

The Deshi hatching egg's quality egg which has the weight of 40 - 45 grams, which has the hatchability of 80% and above result. Birds specification:This breed of pure Indian country chicken is grown under natural condition and not in poultry farm. Their remains no confusion hence we have given a specific name to this breed AL-NOOR 100


Croilers Hatching Eggs

We are offering of Quail Eggs. Each egg provided by us is stringently tested. These are subjected to bacteriological tests and are seen whether they are free from any infection and contamination. We are providing these products under highly sophisticated and healthy environmental packaging stations.


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